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Enzo Matrix

The Characters Episodes

"Dot !  you almost got us Erased , Deleted, Off lined !, can we do it again?"

Enzo, is a hyper-active kid. He usually hangs around Bob (Who he looks up to as a big brother figure), and follows him into games, which he shouldn't (It's too dangerous according to Dot). He does anyways, and either ends up helping out or getting in the way. Enzo is Dot's little brother - and he cares about her as much as she does him. He has green skin and black hair, like his sister, and wears a backwards red cap, on which his ReBoot icon sits. In the episode 'Talent Night' Enzo got an upgrade from 01 to 10. Because of the fact that when the Twin City got destroyed - most of the Data Sprites went with it, Enzo doesn't really have any friends his age. However in the episode 'AndrAIa' he goes into a game, and meets a Game Sprite, called AndrAIa, who leaves the game with him and they become good friends.

In Web World Was, just before Bob was shot into the web, he was given a field commission as first-level guardian - giving him the same style uniform and icon Bob had. He also got hold of Glitch when Bob was thrown into the web, however it doesn't work too well since Megabyte crushed it. Enzo had a lot of trouble as Guardian of Mainframe - mainly due to Megabyte's propaganda schemes against him. The city saw him as too young to be a REAL Guardian (Plus he's green. And "Greens no color for a defender of the system dontcha know!"). However, with help from Dot and AndrAIa he soon became skilled enough and the city came to accept him.

However - just as Enzo was getting skilled, a game came down he couldn't win. His left eye was smashed in it's socket, and just before the User finished him off he, Andraia, and Frisket switched into Game Sprite mode, and left with the Game.

Enzo, Andraia, and Frisket spent years going from system to system, using the games as a form of travel, trying to find a way home. Enzo got a robotic replacement for his eye, and a pretty mean gun, which is linked to the eye as a targeting device. Enzo swore never to lose a game again, and is CONSTANTLY working out to make himself bigger and better - so that he's ready for the games - and when he finally gets home, ready to delete Megabyte. Enzo has changed his name to Matrix, claming that the boy everyone used to know is gone, and that he's bigger and better now. But really he's only changed for the worst - his good intentions drowned by his hatred for Megabyte. Although he looks in his 20's, Matrix is only about one-one (11) due to the fact that game time is different from real time, and he spends a lot of time in games. Matrix and AndrAIa have fallen in love during their travels through the net - she's the one thing he cares about, and is really the only person that keeps him going.

Along the line, Matrix, AndrAIa, and Frisket come across a city with ports to the net. However they soon discover - via Turbo, head Guardian - that the Guardians have all become infected by the Super Virus, Daemon. Only Matrix and Bob are left uninfected - thusly they need Bob's codes to stop the infection, and to open the ports to Mainframe. Matrix and co. soon team up with Ray Tracer, a web surfer, and the crew of the Crimson Binome to find Bob. They 'venture into the web, find Bob and make it home. Matrix defeats Megabyte in hand-to-hand combat, but instead of killing him lets him go. Megabyte still manages to get lost in the web though due to the interference of Mouse.

Matrix saved himself by not killing Megabyte - and not becoming the thing he hated most.

Due to the fact that Matrix was in game sprite mode - when the User ReBooted Mainframe, during a system crash - the computer didn't see him as being there and thusly created a new version - the original O1 Enzo. So now Enzo and Matrix both exisit seperately.

Voiced By: Jesse Moss (Season 1) Matthew Sinclair (Season 2) Christopher Gray (Little Enzo - Season 3) and Paul Dobson (Matrix - Season 3)

Sound Files: enzo1.wav , Matrix.wav, matrix1.wav


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