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The Characters Episodes

"What have I done? I mu-must stop it! Stop it all from going so very wrong!"

Hexadecimal, lives in what remains of Mainframes Twin City: Lost Angles. Lost Angels is infested with nulls, which Hex controls, and is connected to Mainframe by a horrible twisted bridge. Hex's actual lair isn't in Lost Angles, it's under it. It's a huge room, with Erie lights and a black throne in the middle. Hex watches the action through her looking glass. Hex wears a red suit with gold trim, and five spikes atop her head. She doesn't have a face, rather she has a set of masks that she changes to fit her mood. Judging from "Painted Windows" Hex isn't a person underneath that suit. The suit is probably just a shell for her transfinite amounts of energy, and the Masks keep that energy in check.

Hex is Megabytes sister - but is FAR more powerful than him. She could take over Mainframe at a seconds notice if she wanted too, but he unstable personality and obvious insanity usually prevent that. Unlike her brother, who tries to bring order and control to everything, Hex is bent on Chaos. If there's a chance to cause destruction and disaster, she'll go for it - even it means destroying herself.

Hex - much like a witch - has a small pet  (Looking much like a Cat) called Scuzzy.

After the web world wars, while she was working with Megabyte, Hex was fried a nice crispy black color by a Game Cube, that landed on a gun she was using. She would have died from the encounter, but Megabyte saved her, and reconstructed her - but not without putting a control collar around her neck first. Megabyte used her as his own personal weapon.. and Hex doesn't like being under control very much...

Hex soon escaped - destroying Silicon Tor, and the Firewall along with it. She lead a horde of rampaging nulls around Mainframe, fighting Megabyte, but soon went back to her Island of Lost Angles.

At Bob's return, Hex was delighted, and pulled him into her lair - her sanity obviously slipping even more so. Bob however ended up in 'healing' her mask - putting all the pieces together to become one. Now her eyes and mouth move as any normal persons would. Later on - Hex was also given PID codes by Phong - and now wears an icon, officially registered as part of the system.
Voiced By: Shirley Millner

Sound Files: hexadecimal.wav



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