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The Characters Episodes

"Didn't you know, I'm a Guardian? I know everything."

Bob hails from the net. He's a full-level Guardian, charged with defense of the system Mainframe. He lives by the Guardian tradition: "To Mend and Defend!" (Mends tears that appear randomly in Mainframe, and Defend Mainframe inhabitants from any outside threats) Being from the Super Computer, Bob is a faster thinker than most, which makes him perfect for playing games. During his time in Mainframe, Bob became great friends with Dot Matrix, and her little brother Enzo. He and Dot both have an unspoken affection for each other - that was only ever hinted at. In his spare time he fixes his Car, at his apartment, which is in Kits Sector, down by the docks.

Bob wears the typical Guardian uniform: a Blue jump suit, with yellow shoulder pads and black boots. His hair is shiny silver, and he has blue skin. He also has 'Glitch' a small device know as a "Key Tool" (A key tool is a living free-thinking being, that chooses it's 'owner'. Thusly not all Guardians have them), that rests on his lower left arm. Glitch can turn into anything with a simple command from Bob. Bob also wears the standard Guardian icon - yellow triangle below atop a black semi-circle, black triangle above atop a yellow semi-circle.

Bob's the perfect hero figure, a little dorky at times, but ever heroic (And sometimes a little corny with stupid catch phrases like "I don't think so!" and "This is bad.. VERY BAD!").

During the event known as 'The Web World Wars' Bob is betrayed by Megabyte while trying to defend the system - and is shot into the web, without his Guardian key-tool, Glitch, never to be heard from again...

However Bob finds a way to survive the web - and joins up with the Web Riders taking on the form of Interface. Living in the web Bob changes quite a lot - but he's still the same hero at heart. His hair grows to quite some length, coming down just below his neck, and the silver shine it used to have it gone replaced by a kind of 'Molten Metal' look. Living in the web is harsh and he slowly begins to degrade, making some intresting color patterns around his face. Alone in the web - he often thinks of Dot, and how much he misses her.

When the Saucy Mare invades the web and starts attacking web creatures, Bob and the Web Riders respond by attacking back. Bob is suprised to find a very much Grown-up Enzo Matrix on board, in posession of Glitch. The two soon get back togeather - and along with Andraia, Frisket, and the crew of the Saucy Mare - make their way back to Mainframe. However the connections to Mainframe are shut, and the passage has been blocked with traps set by Mouse - intended to keep Web Creatures out. In an effort to save them all - Glitch sacrifices himself and merges with Bob. Now with his new powers Bob has returned to Mainframe and to the arms of his one true love - Dot. She and Bob finally admit how they feel about each other.

Voiced By: Michael Benyaer (Season 1 - 2) and Ian James Corlett (Season 3 - The Video Game - and the IMAX Ride Film)

Sound Files: Bob.wav , bob2.wav


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