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MegaFrame version 3.4.1
the entire episode in 4 parts
in real video

Part 1

megaf1.ram            921 kb
Part 2 megaf2.ram            667 kb
Part 3 megaf3.ram            893 kb
Part 4 megaf4.ram            704 kb

Misc files from other episodes

Matrix meets enzo in a dream enzoprsn.ram           247 kb
Bob Merges with glitch bobglitchmov.ram  265 kb
Dot singing alphnumeric Dotsings.ram          216 kb
Andraia takes out the guards andraia.ram            139 kb
Hexadecimal being chaotic megakill.ram        93 kb
FireWall intro firewall.ram              855 kb
The ship leaving the port portmov.ram            279 kb
Surfer opening the portal to the web surfrweb.ram           420 kb
character choosing sequence zaytanmv.ram        110 kb

All Movies In  Real Video Format