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The Characters

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Bob. The main character. Bob has blue skin and chrome-colored hair. As Guardian 452, Bob's chief function is to defend Mainframe from the plots of viruses such as Megabyte and Hexadecimal, and to help its inhabitants win games. He wears a multi-function tool called Glitch on his left arm. Bob is rather impulsive and overconfident, which sometimes gets him in trouble with Dot. He has an old car he works on in his spare time, and lives in Kits sector near the waterfront, named for Kitsilano, a waterfront district in Vancouver, where ReBoot is produced. Not a native of Mainframe, Bob hails from the Supercomputer. Michael Benyaer provided Bob's voice in seasons 1 and 2; Ian James Corlett began providing his voice in episode 30 ("Number Seven").

Dot Matrix. Enzo's older sister. Dot has green skin and black hair. She runs Dot's Diner, a retro-style eatery on Baudway frequented by binomes. Dot sometimes wears glasses, and is something of a workaholic. She can even sing! Dot tends to think things through thoroughly before taking action, which can irritate Bob and Enzo, and is very independent. A successful businesswoman, Dot is always on the lookout for new opportunities. She and Enzo presumably both have green skin because they're related. Dot underwent a minor upgrade in season 3; her figure is slightly more rounded, and she now wears eye makeup. Voice of Kathleen Barr.

Enzo Matrix. Like Dot, Enzo has green skin and black hair. In seasons 1 and 2 he almost always wore a red baseball hat, and two of his favorite games were Jet Ball and Circuit Racing. He went to school (or at least classes), where he hated studying ancient languages like COBOL and FORTRAN. Enzo really looked up to Bob and Dot, who not only supported him but looked out for him as well. He was featured in the episode "Enzo the Smart," and underwent a minor upgrade in "Talent Night" and a major one in "Icons," when he began calling himself Matrix. Jesse Moss did the voice of Enzo in episodes 1 through 11; Matthew Sinclair began providing the voice of Enzo in episode 12 ("Talent Night"); Paul Dobson began providing his voice in episode 28 ("Icons").

AndrAIa. AndrAIa is the first game sprite ever to appear outside a game; we first saw her in the episode "AndrAIa." She's the only sprite in Mainframe the same age as Enzo. Andrea Libman provided the voice of AndrAIa in episodes 19 through 27; Sharon Alexander began providing her voice in episode 28 ("Icons"), in which she underwent a major upgrade.

Megabyte. The bad guy. His body is made of blue armor, and he has a suave but diabolical voice. Megabyte is a virus and controls an entire sector of Mainframe, Sector 1000, but is always trying to break out of the city and access the Supercomputer. He lives in a tower called the Tor and has his own huge following of binomes, which can be recognized by their blue color, green eyes, and "unhappy face" emblem, just like Megabyte himself. Voice of Tony Jay.

Hack and Slash. Look like Foosball men. Megabyte's bumbling sidekicks. Hack is the red one, Slash is the blue one. Voice of Hack: Gary Chalk. Voice of Slash: Phil Hayes and Scott MacNeil.

Binomes (Ones and Zeroes). Those small mechanical things, the main inhabitants of Mainframe. Ones consist of three stacked cubes and have one eye; Zeroes look like billiard balls and have two eyes. Megabyte's viral binomes are blue with green eyes, just like their leader, and carry the same "unhappy face" emblem. Captain Capacitor is a binome (a One); so is Dino DeHorrendous (a Zero). There are even baby binomes.

Phong. The old computer guru made of gold metal. He looks like a home-built robot, and lives in the center of Mainframe. Phong is the oldest sprite in Mainframe and has access to all its vast knowledge. However, one must usually beat him at Pong, his favorite game, before he will give out advice. Voice of Michael Donovan.

Hexadecimal. The woman with the red suit, green eyes, and wild headgear. She is a virus and lives on an island called Lost Angles, and was featured in the episode "The Medusa Bug." In the episode "Gigabyte," we learned that Megabyte is her brother. Voice of Shirley Millner.

Mouse. The woman with purple skin, orange static hair, country accent. She was featured in the episode "The Great Brain Robbery." Voice of Louise Vallance.

Mike. Bob's TV set. He hardly ever shuts up, which causes Bob (and everyone else) frequent irritation. Featured in the episode "Wizards, Warriors, and a Word from our Sponsor." Voice of Michael Donovan.

Cecil. The waiter at Dot's Diner. Rather snooty and has a French accent. "Wait at the bar, wait at the bar." Voice of Michael Donovan.

Frisket. Enzo's dog, red and gold. About as big as Enzo and takes orders only from him. Featured in the episode "In the Belly of the Beast."

Old Man Pearson. A One binome that runs Old Man Pearson's Data Dump in Sector 1001, Mainframe's "city dump" where presumably old subroutines, commands, and other computer refuse ends up. We first saw him in the episode "In the Belly of the Beast," then in "High Code." Probably named after Ian Pearson, one of the show's creators. Voice of Long John Baldry.

Al. The mystery character. A One binome that runs Al's Wait & Eat cafe on Level 31. We first heard him in "The Quick and the Fed," and we saw him in "The Great Brain Robbery," but he was covered with rope. Usually just yells "WHAT?!" from off camera. Voice of Michael Donovan.

Cyrus. A one binome who first appeared in "Identity Crisis, Part 1." He originally worked for Megabyte, first helping him steal PID codes from Dot, then spreading propaganda in an attempt to turn the inhabitants of Mainframe against Guardian Enzo. Eventually Enzo convinces Cyrus that he's better off on the side of he and Dot. Voice of Gary Chalk.

Al's waiter. A One binome, Al's right-hand man. Has a tatoo on his left arm. First seen in "The Quick and the Fed." Voice of Gary Chalk.

Captain Capacitor. Also known as the Crimson Binome (see entry on episode by the same name). Software pirate, One binome. His real name is Gavin -- yet another in-joke (Gavin Blair is one of the show's creators).Voice of Long John Baldry.

Mr. Mitchell. A One binome, the owner of the yacht Dot and Enzo commandeer in "The Crimson Binome." Probably named for Phil Mitchell, one of the show's creators. Talks like Mr. Howell from "Gilligan's Island." Voice of Gary Chalk.

Princess Bula. An unusual One binome that appeared in "The Crimson Binome." Voice of Kathleen Barr.

Scuzzy.Hexadecimal's spy. Looks like a cross between a cat's head and a football with eyes and an antenna, and has a small screen on top of his head with which he can replay information he has gathered. SCSI (pronounced "scuzzy") stands for Small Computer System Interface.

Dino DeHorrendous. Movie director that appeared in "The Tiff," and very briefly at the beginning of "The Crimson Binome." Voice of Michael Donovan.

Nulls. Nibbles, Megabyte's pet, is a null. Nulls are formed when binomes and data sprites are trapped in a game won by the User -- that sector becomes "nullified." Nibbles is green and white and has no eyes or mouth. Nulls also appeared in "Racing the Clock."

Fives, Sevens, Eights, and Nines. Small creatures shaped like their names. Fives are purple, Sevens are gray, Eights are orange. Nines, first seen in "AndrAIa," are light green with big eyes and big teeth.