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Other binomes

The Characters Episodes

"Crikey, Binky! I think we've brought it!" "Again, sir?" - Binky and 'Sir'

There are various Binomes living in Mainframe. Actually the majority is made of binomes. Binomes are based on the binary number system a computer uses - ones (Three blocks, stacked on top of each other, the top block with one eye, the middle with the mouth and arms, and the bottom with the legs), and zeros (Round with two eyes, arms and legs). You also sometimes get binomes in the shape of other numbers, but only rarely. Specific binomes too Mainframe include...

Al's Waiter - Al's Waiter works at Al's Eat and Wait Diner on Level 31, serving slow food, and yelling back to Al. No one knows his real name - and no one probably ever will. Voiced by Gary Chalk.

Al - Al is never seen. Just heard. And when you do hear him the only thing he says is "What?!". We do know he's a one binome though, since he was seen (Covered in Rope) in the episode 'The Great Brain Robbery'


Data Nully
- In "Trust No One" the two 'CGI' agents come to investigate the missing binomes, and a brilliant X-files rip-off. Data Nully (Better know as "Dana Scully" on the X-Files) was voiced by none other than Gillian Anderson.

Fax Modem - The second part of the CGI team. Rip-off of "Fox Mulder" from X-Files. Voiced by Michael Donovan.                                                                                                                                               

Algernon Cholmondley-Worthington III - Also known as "Sir". The English pilot, often seen in games (Involving airplanes) and fought in "World Web Wars". He's seen again along side his side-kick 'Binky' in "GAME OVER" and "END PROG".

"Binky" Ffarquarson - "Binky" is Algernon's side-kick. They're more often than not, flying together. Also speaks with an English accent, and calls the other 'sir'.

Specky - This guy is a one binome, that wears glasses and usually mans the defense and scanner systems in the Principle Office.

'Indy' Binome - Based on the hit character from Harrison Fords movies - the Indy binome usually suffers a sad fate. He was seen in 'Gigabyte', as the viruses first victim, and in 'System Crash' being chased by the huge 8-ball from Bob's apartment.

Cyrus - A one binome with an alfro, and a white stripe in his hair. He betrays our heroes in "Identity Crisis", and plays a major part in the first four episodes of Season 3. Voiced by Gary Chalk.

Herr Doktor - Her Doktor, also known as 'Doc Fingers', is the German one-binome/mad scientist under Megabyte's control. He's usally building Megabyte's next evil device, and laughing insanely all the while. His catch phrase seems to be.. "THROW ZE SWITCH!"

Viral Binomes - Viral binomes, are part of Megabytes "Army". They're blue, just like Megabyte, and have the same green "Viral Logo" frowny face, Meggy has. They're completely loyal too him, but a bit thick in the head. Plus their loyalty is blind. They're infected, forever cursed to follow out his orders. In "End Prog" all the viral binomes are freed, and they return to their families.

Elvis Binome - Seen many times. Usually dancing, or being squashed by something-or-rather.


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