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Penguin Institute of Camera Surveillance

We of the Penguin Institute of Camera Surveillance are dedicated to Catching on camera , Feathers McGraw the suspected Super-Virus. We believe he is using the codename Daemon

Feather McGraw has been on the run from us ever since he escaped from Mainframe. We must warn you, he is a class 5, with portal forming abilities, and he may have already infected some followers. Use EXTREME caution when aprehending.

The following images are surveillance photos taken by our operatives in the field, we have lost all communication with them, and they have vanished from all sensors.

Dot encounters Feathers!
Dot Matrix reported seeing Feathers in an alleyway having a secret meeting with Phong during an induced halucination.

Feathers' sighted right before the bomb was detonated!

Feathers was spotted  IMMEDIATELY preceding the detonation of the bomb sent by the Guardians!  our agent has since dissapered

Feathers' last known residence was Mainframe

Feathers lived for a while in Mainframe, his intensions were unknown.

Feathers in a local prison

Feathers was reported captured by guards in a busy, netside port. He was reported as escaped.

Feathers on a ship

Feather was then seen stowing away a ship, the ship was headed out of the system.

Feathers observes

Feathers McGraw was last seen onboard the Saucy Mare when they were attacked by the Webriders, no more photos have been recieved since then.

That's all the information we can get
from our some what crippled force of hidden investigators

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