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The Characters Episodes

"I have... no idea my Child. But you must ponder my words carefully."

Phong is the "Wise-Old-Man" of Mainframe, and he's the original Command-Dot-Com of the system (A job that has since been handed down to Dot). He lives in the central Principle Office, and hands advice down to people. In the earlier episodes of ReBoot, you had to beat Phong in a game of "Pong" before he would give you his wisdom - but he stopped doing that. I guess he got tired of Bob beating him every time. Phong acts as a mentor to our heros, and is constantly reminding Bob that "This is not the super computer". He also has the tendency to call everyone 'My Child' or 'My Son'.

Although Phong is just a weak old man - he's also very noble. He rebuilt Hack and Slash when they were destroyed, and when Megabyte's forces invaded the Principle Office - he stayed behind to buy everyone else the time they needed to escape, and it cost him. Megabyte separated Phongs head from his body, placing it in a glass jar, still alive.

Phong 'lived' in the glass jar, and just to show his disrespect for Megabyte he no longer calls him by name. He calls him 'Virus'. When Matrix and co. took back the Principle Office though, his body was reattached and he once more spends his days living in the Principle Office.
Voiced By: Michael Donovan

 Sound Files: Phong1.wav


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