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Ray Tracer

The Characters Episodes

"Told ya, I got it covered."

Ray Tracer - also known as 'Surfr' - is a web surfer. Matrix and AndrAIa met  him when rescuing Captain Capacitors crew (In "Return of the Crimson Binome"). Ray Tracer had been thrown in jail by the Guardians for illegal net travel.

Ray Tracer has a thick Australian accent, and has a brightly colored suits. He also has a Surf Board but Ray is actually a Hologram that the Surf Board projects. Ray, is a search engine (like Maxine) but he is the next generation of search engines with the ability to stabilize tears into portals.

Ray does most of his surfing in the web so - due to the web being such a harsh environment - Ray simply has to press his icon and he transforms into a 'spider-like' web suit. Ray splits up with everyone for a while in 'Mousetrap' but returns to Mainframe later on in 'Showdown' when the portal to the web is open. Ray now has a small thing going with Mouse.

Ray mightn't have real home. He just surfs from place to place, although he's currently staying in Mainframe. As he says "Everybody has to be somewhere - and I like it here".

Ray just happens to be voiced by Mel Gibson's brother ( his icon is the same as the Motorola logo).
Voiced By: Donal Gibson


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