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Requests: Season 3

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This page last updated May 7th, 98

All sounds are in DVI/IMA format at 16 kps, and Mono unless otherwise noted. All sounds provided have not been edited(with the exception of some volume changes); they are exacly as they would be on the show unless noted.

: The ReBoot Recap Song.

: "you heard the little lady. Proceed heading 1138. Stay Frosty."

(webrider): Modem-speak.


I am in no way earning any money from making this web page. It is done as a free service to all the fans of Reboot. I am in no way associated with Mainframe Entertainment or YTV. All sounds provided are taken from the TV series "Reboot", which is produced by Mainframe Entertainment Inc and Alliance. All credit is due to them. Check out Mainframe's home page!

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By the way, the title, "...to the minute" is a reference to the show. As any fan will tell you, a minute in Mainframe is roughtly one week long. This means that this page will be updated weekly, or "to the week." This page will be refreshed every Friday if I'm free, Saturday likely, or later if I have become squeezed for time.