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Season 1

The Characters Episodes

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SEASON 1 Episode Description
Season 1-2 Opening Sequence Said by: Bob
01 "The Tearing" Megabyte wants Bob to do him a 'favor'.

Special Notes: This was the intended pilot of ReBoot.
02 "Racing the Clock" Bob tries to deliver a package to Hex which he is unaware is a hidden time Bomb. Dot and Enzo Enter a game to warn him.

Special Notes: This is the first episode to feature Hexadecimal.
03 "Quick and the Fed" Dot is partially erased by a magnet and only 'Slow Food' from Al's Eat and Wait Diner, can save her.
04 "Medusa Bug" Megabyte steals Hexadecimals secret weapon - which turns out not to be a weapon at all. It's a viral bug, and now it's up to Bob to stop it before it infects all of Mainframe.
05 "The TIFF" Bob and Dot get in a fight. Enzo and the binomes of the city try to help them get back together, but with no luck. When a game descends, they have to work together or risk being nullified.
06 "In the Belly of the Beast" Frisket eats an old UNFORMAT command, and Megabyte will do ANYTHING to get it back.
07 "The Crimson Binome" Software pirates attack Mainframe, and now it's up to Dot to save the day.

Special Notes: This is the episode in which we're introduced to the crew of the Saucy Mare.
08 "Enzo the Smart" When Enzo asks the Mainframe clock to make his smarter, things go wrong, and the clock makes everyone else dumber instead. Just before Enzo can correct what he's done, a Game Cube drops on everyone, and Enzo has to beat the game on his own.
09 "Wizards, Warriors, and a Word from our Sponsor" Bob, Dot, Enzo, and Mike the TV are caught in a game cube, and this time - MIKES the hero!

Special Notes: This is the first episode to feature Mike the TV.
10 "The Great Brain Robbery" Megabyte hires Mouse, the hacker, to go into and take over Bob's brain. But everything goes wrong, and she ends up inside Enzo's head instead!

Special Notes: Mouse makes her first appearance.

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