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Season 3

The Characters Episodes


SEASON III Episode Description
3.1.# Arc Intro and Credits Said by: Megabyte

also available in wav format intro3.wav

3.1.1 "To Mend and Defend" Megabyte is slowly taking over Mainframe, and it's up to Enzo to prove his worth as a Guardian.
Special Notes: The first episode of Season III!
3.1.2 "Between a Raccoon and a Hard Place" Cyrus is giving Enzo a bad name, and turning the people of Mainframe against him! AndrAIa's icon is formatted to enter the games, and it's up to those two to stop any games from wrecking Mainframe.
Special Notes: Hex get's a makeover!
3.1.3 "Firewall" Megabyte has hooked Hex up to an ABC tank, and is using her as a weapon! But before he can do anything, Mouse lays out a Firewall around G-Prime and the viruses are trapped inside!
Special Notes: A AMAZING Episode, with a great James Bond rip-off.
Special intro!! A James Bond style intro goes along with this episode.
3.1.4 "Game Over" Enzo has finally earned the respect of the city. But when a Mortal Kombat-style game lands, it's too much for him, AndrAIa, and Frisket too handle.. Game Over. User Wins.
3.2.# Arc Intro and Credits Said by: Matrix


3.2.1 "Icons" In Game Over, Enzo, AndrAIa, and Frisket switched into Game Sprite mode before losing the game. They left with the game, and now use the Games as a form of travel. They come across a system that desperately needs their help...
Special Notes: We jump several 'years' into the future, and are introduced to a very grown-up Enzo (Now called 'Matrix') and AndrAIa.
3.2.2 "Where No Sprite Has Gone Before" Matrix, AndrAIa, and Frisket come across a system in which a civil war is raging on between 'The Hero Selective' and the 'Spectrals'. But it turns out the real threat, is that of a virus.
3.2.3 "Number 7" Matrix and AndrAIa find Mainframe - INSIDE a Golf Game. They end up ReBooting into Megabyte, and Hexadecimal. Now Matrix has to find 'Number 1' and make sense out of all this...
3.2.4 "The Episode with No Name" Matrix and AndrAIa reach a system with ports to the 'net! But they soon find out all is not what it seems - The Guardians have been infected by a super-virus: Daemon. Now they need to find Bob - the only other uninfected sprite besides Matrix, to disinfect everyone, and get back into Mainframe. Enter the Crimson Binome.
Special Notes: Captain Capacitaor returns, and we finally meet prime Guardian - Turbo.
3.3.# Arc Intro and Credits

Said by: Matrix


3.3.1 "Return of the Crimson Binome" Matrix helps free the crew of the Saucy Mare from prison, as well as a Web Surfer by the name of 'Ray Tracer'. They escape the system and head off to the 'Edge of Beyond'.
Special Notes: Ray Tracer, AKA Surfr, joins the gang.
3.3.2 "The Edge of Beyond" The Saucy Mare is covered with Web Creature skin (To protect from the web), and AndrAIa is bitten by a Web Creature, who then escapes into the Web. The crew follow it, guided by the Surfr, in hopes of saving AndrAIa.
3.3.3 "Web Riders on the Storm" The Web Riders attack the Saucy Mare, and after a huge battle, in which the Saucy Mare loses, one of the Web Riders turns out to be an old friend...
Special Notes: Bob returns!
3.3.4 "Mousetrap" The crew reaches the portal to Mainframe, but traps set by the hacker, Mouse, get in their way. Glitch makes the ultimate sacrifice to save them all - and merges with Bob.
3.4.# Arc Intro and Credits Said by: Dot Matrix


3.4.1 "Megaframe" They arrive back in Mainframe only to find the city completely trashed. Megabyte has taken over and is now living inside the Principle Office. Hack and Slash find Bob and Matrix and take them to meet Dot - who now is in command of a small group of rebels. Megabyte isn't mad that Bob's back in town, he's delighted. It means Megaframe is back on the net. He plans to leave, and infect the Super Computer.
3.4.2 "Showdown" The rebels fight back and attack the Principle Office. Matrix finds Megabyte and the two get in a huge Showdown, right atop the Principle Office. Matrix wins, but doesn't kill Megabyte. Megabyte however, leaps off of the P.O. and tries to escape into the Super Computer. Unfortunately Mouse changes the portal he's using so that it leads into the web, and Megabyte is dragged in.
Special Notes: Megabyte is sent into the web.
3.4.3 "Systemcrash" Megabytes gone - but now Mainframe is crashing! Bob goes into the core to shut the sectors down before they crash, and succeeds. But it's too late - Mainframe is doomed.
Special Notes: User's run around Mainframe in a virtual nightmare.
3.4.4 "End Prog" Bob decides, with must resistance from Matrix, to LET the System Crash, in hopes that the User will ReBoot. The system goes down, and after several seconds the system finally ReBoots! Everything is restored to it's former glory, and Hexadecimal gets an icon, making her part of the system. Everything is happy again - and the binomes of Mainframe put on a play to celebrate!
Special Notes: Bob and Dot, finally get together, with a long heartfelt kiss. Ray Tracer and Mouse also end up with a thing going.

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