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This is one of them.

"Why, hello. It's good to see so many citizens taking an active interest in my little experiment. An experiment, that you are about to become part of. You see, I have done what no virus could do - for I have shot a Sprite into space, and am slowly driving him INSANE by forcing him to watch the worst Fan-Fictions ever written! Sure, he may have survived thus far with Mike and his 'Bot friends, but I believe that I have now found the fic that will truly BREAK his soul."

"Of course, helping me out is the infamous Pearl Forrester, that idiot Bobo and the moronic Brain Guy. You see, I met up with them when *crackle*ay when *fzzt* #@$%@-- and th$%# *bzzzt* well fine I said, *craz* @!#$!-$$# *beep* and he died! Well @#@#@ *fzzzt* $$@ having a lovely massage I.. *fwwe*#$#-#$$3242n. picked daises-#$@@ (Sorry, just some minor technical difficulties here in the transmission, I'm sure it'll be cleared up soon) #$@$# *crackle* *snap* R#@#@-$## *click* *snap* *fewwwww* (Oooops. Wrong button.) 3$#-232-NO CARRIER-43$1--(Alright, here we go) *fzzt* It's a deal then" I said. Which was all VITALLY important for you to know if you're going to understand ANY of this..."

"And now, I invite you to enjoy with us, the untimely classic.."

"No Time For Games"