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Season 2

The Characters Episodes

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SEASON 2 Episode Description
Season 1-2 Opening Sequence

Said by: Bob                                               

also avalible in wav format intro1.wav               

01 "Talent Night" It's Enzo's birthday, and everyone's in a hurry to get a special birthday party ready for him!
Special Notes: Enzo goes from 01 to 10, Dot in a Red Dress, Phong singing 'Unforgettable', and a very cool guitar duet between two arch enemies.
02 "Identity Crisis, part 1" Dot's trying to free the binomes in Megabyte's sector G-Prime. But everything goes wrong and she starts to doubt herself. Things get even worse when she and Bob are trapped in the 'Fun House'.
03 "Identity Crisis, part 2" Dot get's a second chance, and realizes how important she is to Mainframe. With her new self-esteem she manages to defeat Megabyte.
04 "Infected" Megabyte manages to sneak into the central core by hiding in a false UPGRADE. He plans to shut down the city and ReBoot it in his own image.
05 "High Code" A Codemaster arrives in Mainframe looking for a fellow member of his guild. Bob has to stop him before he takes Mainframe apart.
Special Notes: Our first glimpse at the strange Codemasters.
06 "When Games Collide" Megabyte is draining energy from the Game Cubes in order to break into the archives. But when too much energy is taken, the User downloads another game and the two merge.
07 "Bad Bob" In a 'Mad Max' rip-off, when Megabyte attacks the Principle Office for it's energy, he causes problems. One of those problems is a Game Cube twisting and landing right atop the P.O. Now they have to figure out how to get the energy back into the Principle Office, or it'll leave with the game.
08 "Painted Windows" Hexadecimal is literally painting the town pink! Now it's up to Bob to UNDO everything, before the User backs up the system, and it stays this way forever!
09 "AndrAIa" Enzo is sad because he has no friends. When a Game Cube lands, he meets AndrAIa, an underwater Game Sprite, and she leaves the game with him by use of his icon.
Special Notes: AndrAIa joins the gang.
10 "Nullzilla" Something horrible comes through Hex's looking glass, and infects her. The nulls try to protect everyone by covering Hex, but it only ends up forming the monster - Nullzilla!
Special Notes: The first part of the 'Web World Wars'. How the horror all began.
11 "Gigabyte" Whatever got Hex in the last episode, has infected Megabyte. Now he's merged with Hex, forming the virus known at 'Gigabyte'. Mouse returns to Mainframe.
12 "Trust No One" The Web Creature that's been causing trouble in the last two episodes is getting bigger. Two CGI agents - Fax Modem, and Data Nully come to investigate. But the Web Creature escapes, forming a portal to the web.
13 "Web World Wars" The Web invades Mainframe. Bob teams up with Megabyte and Hex, and they manage to fend off to web hordes, but at a terrible cost. Megabyte takes over Mainframe, and shoots Bob off into the web, never to be heard from again.
Special Notes: Enzo is made a Guardian.

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