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The Characters Episodes

"Now that is a nice bike! So, you been having fun without me?"

AndraAIa was first seen in the episode "AndrAIa". She's a AI game sprite, who got out of the game, by downloading her program onto Enzo's icon. The game then let her out thinking she was Enzo. Being a game sprite, AndrAIa has lots of diffrent ablities. Including, poison nails, and throwing stars. AndrAIa's also the only person in Mainframe, Enzo's age. She has orange skin and watery-blue hair, being from a under-water game. She befriended Enzo at a very important time - when he needed a friend the most, and she stays at his side always. He is her reason for being. His place is in Mainframe - and her place, is with him.

Despite the fact that AndrAIa is both a Game Sprite and a Warrior - everyone in Mainframe treats her like a child claming that she 'Does not yet know the ways of Mainframe'. She stands by Enzo when he becomes a Guardian, and goes with him in the games - helping defend the city from Megabyte and his viral binomes. When Enzo, lose's a game though - just as he is getting skilled - it's all that she can do but watch in horror - and change to Game Sprite mode to leave with the game to avoid being nullified .

AndrAIa, Enzo (Who now calls himself Matrix), and Frisket game hop from place to place looking for the way back to Mainframe. She's watched Matrix strain to become what he is. Although he may seem strong, big, and mean, she knew him before, and knows he has a good heart - and she loves him for it dearly. AndrAIa constantly gives moral support whenever she can. She and Matrix sometimes have small arguments, but basically they always end up togeather. They respect each other.

As a child AndrAIa was cute, and innocent. Now she's a warrior, and also rather wise. She usually helps keep Matrix on the right track. Without her he wouldn't be the man he is (Which isn't saying much. *Cough*).

AndrAIa is a great fighter - with her poison nails, her trident, and her throwing star, she can beat many an opponent.
Voiced By: Andrea Libman (Young AndrAIa) and Sharon Alexander (Season III AndrAIa)

Sound Files: alog.wav


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