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The Characters Episodes

"You know I don't do toast."

Mouse is a hacker, and although we don't know much about her past - she has a long history with Bob, and he once arrested her for hacking into the Super Computer. Mouse first appeared in "The Great Brain Robbery", and they re-appeared in "Gigabyte", to become a permanent Mainframe resident. When she first arrived in Mainframe, Dot was extremely jealous of her, as she kept ignoring Dot and flirting with Bob. But they've quickly become friends, and now support each other greatly.

Mouse carries a big sword and has a ship called "Ship". She wears a white sleeveless shirt, and black pants. She has pink skin, and static-y orange hair. She also has a rather thick southern accent.

In "Trust No One" it becomes known that she was hired by Turbo - and the Guardians - too go undercover and find out about the Web Creature in Mainframe. She was the (accidental) cause of the Web World Wars.

When Bob is lost in the web, she stays around in Mainframe to help the fight against Megabyte - and too support Dot. Although it's obvious she has a thing for Bob (She kissed him twice already..) - she also recognizes the fact that Bob loves Dot. And that Dot loves Bob. Besides, now she's got a little fling with Ray Tracer, the Web Surfer, going.

Mouse is the one who changed the Super Computer portal into one to the web - in which Megabyte was pulled through.

Mouse now wears gold battle armor, with yellow tiger-striped pants. And she apparently now, also has a second sword.

Voiced By: Louise Vallance

Sound Files: Mouse.wav


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