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The Crew

The Characters Episodes

"I'll run no more by the code they'll know they faced the crimson binome"

The crew of the Saucy Mare - lead by the Crimson Binome - is a band of Software Pirates, that sails the two seas for the mere purpose of making a decent profit. Originally they raided and pillaged seaports for all the 'booty' they needed, and sold the stuff they didn't need at cost. But when the crew came face to face with Dot Matrix she changed their ways, and now they only make an honest profit.

When Mainframe shut down, the crew tried to open honest trade routes with other systems but the guardians didn't like that. All but Captain Capacitor were soon locked up. However Matrix and AndrAIa rescued them, and in return the crew helped them rescue Bob and get back to Mainframe.

The crew had to sacrifice their ship - the Saucy Mare - too help stop Megabyte, but they're still the roudiest band of cut-throat pirates ever!

Captain Capacitor
Captain Gavin Capacitor - 'The Crimson Binome' - is the ever faithful, and wise Captain of the Saucy Mare. His crew trust him completely and he'd do anything for them - and his ship.

Originally the Captain stole for profit, but upon meeting up with Dot Matrix he changed his ways and became an 'Honest Profit' software pirate. Dot and him are good friends now, and partners in business.

Gavin doesn't take too kindly to Matrix's hot tempered attitude, but would do anything for his good friend Dot - and thusly will tolerate her brother. The Captain is a rather large one-binome, with a peg leg, hook hand, rope orange beard, and a red tricorn hat.
Voiced By: Long John Baldry

Mr. Christopher
Mr. Christopher - The 'First Mate' aboard the Saucy Mare - is hardly EVER seen without his personal organizer.  it's his job to keep track of the finances on the ship, how much profit they're making, and how much profit they're losing. It's pretty obvious that he can't see much past the profit - he's constantly pointing out when something they're doing isn't 'profitable'. He also doesn't seem to understand the concept of doing things for the sake of friends, rather than money.

Princess Bula
Princess Bula is a HUGE One Binome - about the size of Matrix. She does most of the fighting on board the Saucy Mare, and is AMAZINGLY strong. Her IQ isn't too high, and she usually speaks in short, duh, sentences like "You cute" and "Him good fighter". Princess Bula isn't REALLY a princess, but no one would dare tell her otherwise.
Voiced By: Kathleen Barr

Mr. Andrews
Mr. Andrews is a one binome, with an eye-patch over his one good eye. He tends to be the one who 'steers' the ship.

The Cook
A brown one binome, who does NOTHING but peel potatoes. during an attack, and no matter how much they travel, the only thing you'll see the Cook doing is peeling.

Miss. Sally
A Zero Binome with long curly blond hair, and a red hat.

The Rest...
There's also a wide assortment of other one and zero binomes that help out aboard the Saucy Mare. Such as the Zero binome that has one eye covered - even though it works perfectly. All the crew members of the Saucy Mare are armed with a gun or a sword, that puts the attacker in a file lock.


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