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Dot Matrix

The Characters Episodes

"Bob, where are you? They need you.. I need you."

Dot runs, and has partnerships with almost everything and everyone in Mainframe. Her primary business is Dot's Diner though - the coolest hang out in the small system. When Dot was young, her father was killed in the Twin City crash. Dot from then on in, made it her business to look after her little brother - Enzo. She often looks after him such as a mother would, kind of acting as a parent and a sister at the same time. Dot is a strong woman - who won't let anything or anyone stand in her way. If there's a problem she'll break it down no matter what it takes. Although she dis-likes the games she's usually a major player in them and will do anything to win. Dot's also very kind to others - and as much as she might hate someone (Like Megabyte), she would never bring herself to delete them. Although she's a strong character, she's also very emotional, and is the only person on the show ever seen crying. I like this - it makes her more human.

Dot has a love for Bob, that she never truly displays. Although they sometimes get into fights, they both have a deep respect for each other.

When Bob get's lost in the web - Dot is put in command of Mainframe. She toughens up a bit, and Acquires a new battle suit. She's sad at the loss of Bob but continues on. Although at first she doesn't allow Enzo to follow his new Guardian protocol and go into the games, she soon helps him learn all he needs to know to become a the protector of the city. Then - when he's lost in the games - she can't help but cry. The two most important men in her life are gone. However, once more, she continues on with her only support being from Mouse - and Hack and Slash - who have changed sides, protecting her.

Over time Megabyte manages to take over Mainframe, renaming it to Megaframe. Dot - along with Mouse and an assortment of other Binomes - are forced to move into a run down building. Dot is still the COMMAND.COM of the system, but locked out of the Principle Office, she has no control. It's the most she can do to keep the small band on rebels alive and fighting.

Over time Mouse gets Dot to admit her love for Bob, but when the Guardian returns she has trouble accepting him back into her life. Eventually though, after Mouse's encouragement, she admits her love for him and the two get together.
Voiced By: Kathleen Barr

Sound Files: Dot.wav


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