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The Characters Episodes

"No, YOU remember boy! How I turned victory into defeat - how I left you with a dying system."

Megabyte is the main villain of ReBoot - and WHAT a villain. Megabyte reaches a point of coolness that only Darth Vader and Zorg have reached before him. Actually he's beyond that - Megabyte is the ULTIMATE in villains. He's a virus, that snuck in to Mainframe on an innocent looking Word Processing program. He's blue, metal, with chrome and yellow colors over his body. He features the green 'Viral' symbol on his chest, and has a red crown, as well as three sets of nasty looking teeth. He sits upon a red throne, minus legs, of which he can control most of his HUGE viral army from. He can strap on a pair of legs and go bounding around whenever he wants however. And although he DOES have a huge viral army, that doesn't mean he can't fight on his own. Megabyte is the one the strongest and fastest beings in Mainframe (Besides, maybe, Frisket and Hack and Slash). He also has two sets of retractable claws. One set that slides out of his knuckles, and the other at his finger tips. Megabyte controls his own sector of Mainframe called 'G-Prime' - although some of G-Prime was liberated by Dot and Bob in the episode "Identity Crisis". The Silicon Tor is located in G-Prime also, which is the viruses main base of operations. Besides Megabyte's huge viral army he also has his two bumbling henchmen: Hack and Slash, as well as the evil mad medic - Herr Doctor (AKA Doc Fingers).

Megabyte has a suave English accent (Wonderfully voiced by Tony Jay), and is brother to fellow insane virus - Hexadecimal. He has a pet null he calls 'Nibbles' which he often also refers too as 'Father'.

Megabyte is constantly trying to take over Mainframe, and then move onto the Super Computer to take the entire Net.

When the Web invaded Mainframe - Megabyte saw this as a perfect opportunity for a good old double cross. He teamed up with his sister, shot Bob into the web, and begun his attacks on the rest of Mainframe. Hexadecimal was soon also taken over by Megabyte, and he hooked her up to an ABC under his control. For a while he was winning the battle to claim Mainframe but the Mainframers created a Firewall locking him away in his own sector.

When Enzo lost the game, Hex managed to escape her bonds, and blast the Tor to pieces. As well as the Firewall. Megabyte fought back though, with his army of ABC's, and after many losses (One being that of Hack and Slash), he finally sent Hex back to Lost Angles (Her home). He then needed a new place to set up shop, and took over the Principle Office once and for all - renaming the city to MEGAFRAME.

When Bob and Matrix returned from the web, Megabyte made a desperate bid for freedom, and tried to escape to the Super Computer. But Matrix fought him, and he was pulled into the web - never to be seen from again. We still don't know what happened to him, but I'm guessing (And hoping to the User) that he's alive.
Voiced By: Tony Jay


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