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Other Sprites

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Mike the TV

"RUN, RUN and when you're finished, RUN SOME MORE!!!"

Mike is the  "TV Announcer" of Mainframe. He's constantly talking, and just won't shut up (His TV Remote even ran away, and now no one can turn him off). He's talks on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on he just wont go off, with an obnoxious announcer voice. He shares an apartment with Bob, and in Wizards Warriors and a Word from our Sponsor he proves himself as a valuable asset to them. Mike started the 'web world wars' he started to sing and well he did it "I think it was him anyway"(Some blame Hex. I blame Mike.)
Voiced By: Michael Donovan

Sound Files: mike1.wav   , mike2.wav   ,  mike3.wav


"WOOF! BARK! ARF ARF ARF! Grrrooowwwlll... BARK!"

Frisket is Enzo's big red and yellow dog. He's about as big as Enzo, and his ReBoot icon is on his collar. Frisket is a stray dog who has "Adopted" Enzo. Enzo's the only one he will listen to, take commands from, or even let get close. He seems to have something against Bob, and barks and growls whenever he gets near. Maybe he smells funny because he's from the Supercomputer. Frisket has an "Engine" in his nose. In 'Game Over' he gets lost in the games with Enzo and AndrAIa, and has protected them, and tagged along with them wherever they went.


"Wait at the bar, Wait at the bar!"

Cecil is a very snoty waiter with a French accent. He works at Dot's Diner, and him and Dot are close friends. Cecil is as annoying as heck, but he's also funny at the same time. He definitely has an attitude problem, and despises work. His ReBoot icon is a hologram. When the Diner was destroyed in 'Web World Wars' he managed to survive. Voiced By: Michael Donovan


"But, I'm strong. I can still fight it."

Turbo - Prime Guardian - has been seen in 'Trust No One' and 'The Episode with No Name'. He was responsible for sending Mouse on the suicide mission that nearly destroyed all of Mainframe. When he meets up with Matrix though he explains his actions and apologizes. Turbo is one of the few Guardians who is still fighting the infection. It hasn't taken him over yet - and as long as that is true Matrix will always have a friend on the inside. Turbo's keytool is called 'Copeland'.
Voiced By: Gary Chalk


"How many times do I have to say - if you feel the need to vomit, DON'T. Ugh."

Maxine is a Search Engine, seen in 'The Episode with No Name'. With a decent amount of money and net-travel-authorization codes you can get to anywhere on the known net with her service.
she has very little part in the ReBoot show but She's one of the main characters in the ReBoot IMAX Ridefilm.
Voiced By: N/A


Scuzzy is Hexadecimal's pet 'Wotzit', who looks an awful lot like a cat. Scuzzy scouts around Mainframe, and records anything interesting he sees. Then he plays it back for Hex on the dome on top his head.


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