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Hack & Slash

The Characters Episodes

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"Hey she touched me, hubba hubba."

Hack and Slash are Megabytes "Hench Men". They do his dirty work, and usually fail horribly. When Megabyte built them, he gave them so much strength and weaponry that there was no room left for brains. Their combined I.Q. only approaches 30 . Megabyte also made the mistake, of making them look identical, except for the colors. Hack's the red one, Slash's the blue one. They often talk over each other making it really hard to follow what they're saying. They're cool though, and often provide some good laughter.

When they were destroyed by Hexadecimal though - Hack and Slash's parts were found by Phong. He reconstructed them, although rather badly, and they now wear ReBoot icons. When the Principle Office was over-run by Megabyte, Phong ordered Hack and Slash to take care of Dot, and they did that, and continue to do so even now that Bob's back.
Voiced By: Phil Hayes (Season 1 - 2) and Scott MacNeil (Nullzilla and on) as Hack
Gary Chalk as Slash


Sound Files: hack.wav , hack2.wav , hack3.wav , hack4.wav , hack5.wav , hack6.wav


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